Ziil Los Dii Du Your Soul is Mine to Devour - Miraak

What does it do?
In simple words

It adds a lesser power that consume a Dragon soul to get temporary and permanent bonuses.

I tried to mimic Miraak's power when he consumed a Dragon souls to heal himself. Since a Dragon soul is "rare" and fully healing you would have been equivalent to taking a "cheap" health potion, I decided to spin off the power a bit to make it more appealing but still balanced.


Temporary (30 sec)
  • Increase health, magicka and stamina regeneration rate by 1000%
  • Reduce cooldown between shouts by 100%
Notes on temporary bonuses
  • 1000% might appear a lot, but most Heal spells will outperform this
  • Casting the power a second time before the end of the first cast will only extend the duration, the effects won't stack
  • Increase health, magicka and stamina regeneration rate by 2%/Dragon soul consumed
  • Reduce cooldown between shouts by 1%/Dragon soul consumed
Notes on permanent bonuses
  • Effects caps at 25 dragon souls, which represents:
    • 50% health, magicka and stamina regeneration rate
    • 25% reduced cooldown between shouts
  • You can still use the power past 25 dragon souls, but permanent bonuses won't improve


  • You can't use the power if you don't have a Dragon soul so be careful before spamming
  • Not as efficient at lower levels
    • This power's efficiency is directly tied to your maximum health, magicka and stamina which in turn are limited by your level
    • As you level up, you gain more health, magicka and stamina which in turn improve the efficiency (e.g. 7%/second of 100 HP < 7%/second of 500 HP)

Latest version of Skyrim (Original or Special Edition)

Install (auto)

For an automatic install without risk of errors, I suggest you use the NexusModManager

Install (manual)

For a manual install, extract the files from this mod and copy them to the appropriate folders


Open the console and type: SetStage TTR_Ziil_Los_Dii_Du 100

Save and uninstall the mod manually or with your mod manager.

I'm not sure the SetStage is still necessary. In the past, there were some CTD when you deactivated an ESP with a spell already learned by the player. I've tried to reproduce this on my game but wasn't able to. I'm putting it here as the "safest" method just in case you need it.


Compatible with everything.

Why isn't this a shout?

I've receive multiple requests to make this as a shout so let me explain why I didn't.

The scene with Miraak saying those words is just a scene, there is no audio for those words. The only ressource for audio would be Miraak saying the line. Even if you put aside the fact you would hear Miraak's voice when shouting, the problem is it would be illegal from a copyright point of view to edit the original audio and repack it under a mod. Not to mention the mod would be removed from the Nexus and I could be banned. So audio is out of the picture.

The words Ziil Los Dii Du have no art/graphic either. I could use other symbols, and I'm sure I'd have some lore zealot to remind me they don't match, but there's also the fact the "shout" is 4 words instead of 3. That means the CK cannot handle it and neither can the in-game UI. So technically, graphics are out of the picture too.

While I agree this would have been really epic, what are we left with in reality if you don't have audio and graphics to support the idea? I'd say you have to think outside the box a little. Technically speaking, a shout is 3 words. When Miraak uses his "power", he uses 5 words (DragonName, Ziil Los Dii Du) and they are subtitled like any normal dialogue. It wouldn't be that far fetched to consider this more like a "sentence" in dragon's tongue than a shout. With that said, it open up the possibility the effect came from something else and since a lesser power only available to the Dovahkin could fit the bill, that's the way I decided to go about it. It's not perfect, but it's as good as it can be within the realm of reality.

Known Issues

None. Although, as with any shout or spell, trying to cast the lesser power twice in a row in a very short time will not work. Technically, there's a "cooldown" of more or less 1 second for the animation to play even if there isn't one. It's an engine problem but I don't see why you'd want to spend 2 Dragon souls to add 0.5 seconds to the spell's duration...

Do you use scripts?

There seems to be a lot of FUD about scripts so let me explain a couple things. Scripts are part of the game, without them vanilla Skyrim wouldn't work at all. All vendors and trainers are purely scripted. Most of the quests wouldn't work without scripts and there must be countless other scripted things in that game I never thought about.

Scripts aren't inherently bad, inexperienced mod authors are. Because mod authors used badly explained functions in the past, which is the Creation Kit wiki's fault, scripts have been pointed as the cause for all the problems in the world... Like most things in life, clueless people will mess things up, but those that do know how to work with them can do wonders. As a professional programmer myself, I make sure to the best of my knowledge that all my scripts won't cause you any trouble. I also make sure they are upgradable and can be stopped at anytime.

With that said, yes there are scripts in my mod. In fact there are 2. The first script will execute once and teach the player the lesser power. The second script manages the different permanent bonuses and the consuming a Dragon soul part when you cast the spell. Those scripts cannot mess your game and are extremely fast to execute. I also packaged the sources in case you want to look at them and decide for yourself. Stop worrying your world's gonna implode and enjoy the mod.


Ziil Los Dii Du is available on Nexusmods.com

Also available on Bethesda.net