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The site is entirely run by Amazon AWS cloud services. This means it will be accessible 24/7 with minimal downtime and should have a great response time. The minimum support will be 3 years and if the project goes well, we're prepared to take it as far as possible.

Mass Effect: Andromeda builder

Beta version of the Mass Effect: Andromeda builder is now available.

Most of the data presented is already good. We're still in the process of integrating the data, but at this point the builder allows to share builds (copy/paste url) after selecting your character, your skills and your weapons.


Mass Effect: Andromeda builder

Alpha version of the Mass Effect: Andromeda builder is now available.

At this point, the builder will only display information (fillers until we finish importing the data), the remaining features will come later. We just wanted you to have a sneak peak at how things are gonna work.



It's now possible to donate thru PayPal.

Donations serves a few purposes:

  • They help keep the site afloat
  • They will disable ads beside a couple specific/targeted instances
  • Unlock some features faster than their normal rate

We recommend you read about membership on the donation page for a thourough explaination on how donations affect your user experience.



Nobody likes ads, but it is a necessary evil to keep the site afloat. Since there's no good way to talk about ads, we'll just be transparent...

US, Canada and UK will only see ads from Amazon. The Amazon "affiliate" program is really simple:

  1. Click on the ad and it will open a new tab to the product's page on Amazon
  2. Buy whatever you want, doesn't even have to be the product you clicked on
  3. We get a small percentage of any sale concluded (physical goods must be shipped)

The biggest advantage is that the products are "real", relevant and can be bought at a trustable retailer (Amazon).

As for the other users, we serve normal ads from our ad provider. We try to be as discreet as possible. If you have an issue with any of the ads served, please contact us and give us as much details as necessary. It's not ideal, but if the number of visitors from any country grows enough to warrant an affiliate program, we'll gladly try to offer that solution instead.

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Become a member!

It's now possible to become a member on While it won't change anything right now, in time this will allow you to access different functionalities on the site.


TTRSO - TheThirdRace Skill Overhaul

My biggest mod to date is now available on the site. Enjoy!


Oghma Infinium - A Training Station

Hermaeus Mora's Book of Knowlege is now a portable training station. Work mostly like regular trainers without the nonsense associated with them...


Ziil Los Dii Du - Your soul is mine to devour - Miraak

New lesser power for our Dovahkin brothers and sisters


Master Trader SE - Merchants Never Run Out Of Gold

My new mod replacing Master Trader is up. This is a complete rewrite of my original idea without most of the limitations and downfalls.


New Dark Souls 3 builder

What's better to kick off the site launch with my basic builder for Dark Souls 3?

2016-11-04 official launch!

The first steps are to build up a bit of content by relocating my previous things here. Then I'll begin to add a couple options here and there. If all goes well, you should have good surprises over the coming months.