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The more generous people are, the less we need to put up ads and use limited time exclusives.

We're not affiliated to any developper or publisher, we're just normal fans giving back to the community.

Limited Time Exclusivity

What is it?

All the content on this site is FREE.

Some content and specialized features will be released first to donors before trickling down to everyone.


Hosting a website isn't free and we wanted to find a noninvasive way to cover the costs and keep us going.

After many experiments, we decided to reward our donors' generosity by giving them a limited time exclusivity to some content and features. It seems the best compromise between generating good will, promoting contributions and still giving away everything FREE to the community.

Keep in mind some features on the site might be disabled while using an ad-blocker, it's something we still experiment with.

How does it work?

When a new feature is ready, a personal countdown before release starts for each member (no registration required).

For each 1$ a member contributes, his or her personal countdown is reduced by 2 weeks.

Whenever your personal countdown reaches 0, the feature becomes available to you.

* reserves the right to make adjustments to these conditions in the future