Donations And how they affect your experience


Rotate the knob to the desired amount

Your Donation Level

You gain 1 level for every 1$ donated

Ads are disabled from level 1 and onward*

Limited Time Exclusivity

All the features on this site are FREE.

That said, some more advanced features will be offered for a limited time eclusively to members who made a donation.

It's our way to give something back to our generous members.

How does it work?

Each feature is associated to a "level".

If your donation level is greater or equal to the feature's level, you can access the feature right away.

If your donation level is lower than the feature's level, the feature will unlock after the limited time exclusivity.

The limited time exclusivity is based on your donation level, see table below for the details.

For example, for a level 2 feature you would have to wait:

  • 1 year if your donation level is 0
  • 6 months if your donation level is 1
  • No wait if your donation level is 2 or higher

* Ads of targeted products from our affiliates like Amazon will still be displayed

** reserves the right to make adjustments to these conditions in the future